Open Water – a classic move from 2003. A movie far before its time and a huge success all over the world. The movie is a psychological horror drama and came straight out of Hollywood. It’s an extremely well done and frightening film about a American couple who visits the Casibbean to go scuba diving.

The boat crew forgot about the couple and accidentally left them behind, far away from their secure American life and in an ocean full of sharks.

The movie is really scary, but when you hear that it is based on a true story, you really start crawling up the sofa. The original story is not based in the Caribbean, but in Australia and the great barrier reef.  This was in 1998. Apart from giving inspiration to a movie, the rumour says the the deer shown 30 minutes into the movie, gave inspiration the SuperLenny Casino logo, however that is not confirmed. The couple who the movie is based says to be big casino fans, where the strange connection to SuperLenny is found.

The movie was financed by the director himself (Chris Kentis) and his wife (Laura Lau). It was a huge hit for them both. They put in 500.000 dollars to make a great movie, and after it premiered on the Sundance Film Festival, Lions Gate Entertainment bought it for 2.5 million dollar. Later on Lions Gate spent around eight million dollars on marketing and to distribute the movie. When financed where settled, the movie grossed around 55 million dollars. Apart from all these winners, a lot of movie lovers got a great experience.